Training Your Blue Heeler Puppy to Respond to Loud Noises explains the author.

An important part of preparing your blue heeler puppies for a long, healthy life is learning how to respond to loud noises. You will have a lifetime of companionship by teaching them how to be secure in any environment.

The best way to teach a blue heeler puppy to respond to loud noises is to gradually desensitize them. Start by introducing your puppy to different levels of noise, such as gentle fan noise, a radio playing softly, and the sound of footsteps on hardwood floors. As your puppy gets more familiar with each sound, slowly increase the volume. Make sure to reward your puppy for positive behaviour with treats or praise.

After your puppy is used to lower levels of sound, you will begin making louder sounds. Introduce a piano, a vacuum cleaner running, or a dog barking. During this process, make sure you remain close to your puppy and reward positive behavior with treats. Increase the volume and praise your puppy for remaining calm as he gets older.

In addition, it’s also critical to warn your puppy when to expect loud noises. For example, if your puppy is not used to it, thunder can surprise and frighten them. Introduce them to these sounds in a controlled environment, like in your presence or with a recording. Your puppy will learn that these sounds are normal and not something to be concerned with with with repetition and repetition.

It’s also vital to practice counterconditioning so that your puppy can learn to associate loud noises with positive things. When loud noises occur, you can achieve this by giving a treat or playing with your puppy. If done properly, your puppy will start to make loud noises because they know they will get something positive in return.

Lastly, be sure to pay close attention to your puppy’s body language. If your puppy is showing signs of extreme stress or anxiety, such as whining, cowering, or trembling, take a break from the training and try again later.

Your blue heeler puppy will have a lifetime of companionship, no matter the style.

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