How to Buy a Dog Table Online

Consider both the needs of your clientele and your business when buying a dog grooming table for your salon.

Models come in a wide range of shapes and styles. However, focus on finding a table that you can quickly and easily raise and lower without worrying about back strain. Once you adjust the table, you should be able to use it ergonomically without muscular or joint complaints.

When you buy a dog table online, you can select from one of three modes of operation. Some tables are electric while others are hydraulic or feature airlift designs.

Electric Dog  Tables

A motor is used to raise and lower the tabletop on these grooming tables. Both user- and wallet-friendly, they are a no-brainer to operate. However, because they weigh more, it’s better to use these tables in one key location.

Hydraulic Dog Tables

Hydraulic fluids power dog grooming tables of this design. It’s easy to lower and raise this table, which saves on electricity at the same time.

Airlift Dog Tables

Airlift models of dog tables may be elevated or lowered with compressed air. While they cost more than electric tables, they are also lighter in weight than other types of table styles.

Tables for Mobile Groomers

For anyone who travels to their client’s home, mobile dog tables offer a compact and sturdy option. The tables, which are easy to stow away, make transport a breeze.

Tips for Choosing a Dog Table

When selecting a grooming table for dogs, you want to choose one that is stable and rugged. Make sure it can handle the full weight of the dogs you groom. Also, consider the material used in the table’s construction.

The table’s materials should stand up well to many years of ongoing use. Choose stainless steel, for example, over a cheaper plastic material.

Also, don’t order a table unless it is designed not to slip and slide, or features no-slip feet. You always want to make safety a property.

How to Determine Which Tables Is Best for You

When you are considering buying a dog table, you’ll need to size up all the features of the tables you prefer.

Will the table be sturdy enough to trim different sizes of dogs? Maybe you need a table that you can fold up and put away. Or, you might want to consider a table that you can use in the center of your salon’s activities.

Review the safety features of the table. You should be able to firmly set it up without difficulty. Also, where will you be using the table? If you plan to use it in one location, assess the size of the room and consider the table’s dimensions. Ask whether the table will fit nicely into the space.

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