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So you are considering an ACD puppy addition to your household? Here are the current available listings of our Blue and Red Heeler Pups (what we consider pups, up to one year of age) who are looking for only forever homes. Take your time, look at their pictures and read their biographies. Remember, that if you cannot adopt, you can still sponsor any of our rescues until they are adopted. Another way to help, is to open your home to foster an Australian Cattle Dog. Giving our pups a chance to live in a home and learn basic manners, helps to prepare our rescues for their new homes. Fostering can take from a few weeks to a few months which helps the human as well as the canine.

AuCaDo Rescue does not adopt out “little” Australian Cattle Dog Puppies, due to the fact that Heeler pups need the time with their siblings or with older Australian Cattle Dogs to learn from. They learn much more from their own kind than from us. Puppies learn bite control, and social skills with the litter that will help make them a better pet. The minimum age we feel is appropriate to adopt out, if we have pups, is around 16 weeks. Sure, there are places to find 5 or 6 week old pups. Did you know, that the law, is for pups to stay until they are 8 weeks old? Sometimes, because they are weaned too early, they grow up with behavior problems. It is quite possible that behavior problems are the number one reason that our breed ends up homeless.

Our pups are spayed/neutered before they are adopted, this is what the adoption fee is for. We will NOT adopt out an unaltered pup, please don’t ask us to! Australian Cattle Dog or herding Breed experience is required for adopting a young pup from AuCaDo Rescue. We need to be sure that puppy adopters understand the breed, and will not give up on the puppy when they exhibit typical “naughty” Australian Cattle Dog puppy behaviors.

Are You Ready for a Puppy? Before you consider adopting a puppy, please keep in mind that puppies are a lot of work! You’ll need to thoroughly puppy proof your house, bring him/her to puppy obedience classes, and socialize him/her with all sorts of people, places, & animals. The more time and energy you ‘put into’ a pup, the happier you’ll be as they get older. Don’t forget that older Australian Cattle Dogs (or older pups) are just as trainable as a puppy and you know what you are getting with a minimum of surprises.

Socializing: We can’t emphasize enough just how crucial it will be to socialize your pup from the moment you adopt him/her. You’ll need to expose your puppy to the world they will be expected to live in as an adult. This means socializing him/her to all sorts of people, places, dogs, noises, sights, situations, etc. Ideally, your pup will need to get introduced to 100 people (who aren’t part of your immediate family) and 100 other dogs before they turn 18 weeks old. The puppy will have met some people/dogs during his/her stay at AuCaDo Rescue but you’ll still need to work on socializing your pup every day. If you want to adopt an older pup, fear not! You can still socialize your pup, it’s never too late. Start right away with socializing and proceed just as you would with a younger pup.

Housetraining: Up until 4-5 months of age, a puppy’s bladder cannot physically “hold it” for more than a few hours at a time. Generally a puppy can “hold it” 1 hour more than a pup’s age in months. For instance, a 2-month-old puppy should be able to hold his/her bladder for 3 hours while a 5-month-old pup can hold it for 6 hours. Of course, some puppies can hold it longer while others cannot. If you are away from home for more than six hours a day, a puppy would not be a good choice (unless you have someone who could come in and let the puppy outside to potty while you are gone).

Young children: Young puppies are generally not good matches for children under the age of 6 because all puppies nip when they play and have very sharp teeth. Pups 4 months and older should be fine with the wee ones though, so long as you know in advance that pups at this age are still going through the oral stage and like to ‘mouth’ things, they will nip on hands and feet at first when playing, need a lot of attention, and are very bouncy.

Chewing: All puppies/dogs chew (often until they are a year or more old), so make sure you buy plenty of doggie toys, bones, kongs, and have a great sense of humor! If taking care of a puppy sounds overwhelming to you, consider adopting an older pooch — they are often much, much easier and just as sweet!

Adopting a Pup vs Young Adult: We often hear adopters say “I only want a puppy, because the older dogs are damaged”. I beg to differ. The older pups and young adults are going to give you an honest read into their personality. A puppy can be a roll of the dice, as they can turn out much differently than you might think. A puppy may even surprise you on how they look as they grow up, and not meet your expectations. All dogs, young and old, need daily training and any dog can learn. Don’t sell the older dogs short, as they are very smart, which is most likely what you like about the breed.

If you are interested in adopting one of our Australian Cattle Dog rescues, first please complete an adoption application. If you are out of the area, please send photos of your house/yard along with the application. We require the photos for out of state adoptions, which can be emailed to us. We also require a phone interview. If you do not hear back from us after submission of the application, please contact us. We think our rescues are all treasures and hope you will find your special friend with AuCaDo Australian Cattle Dog Rescue of Michigan. Check out the petfinder.com listings also for availability in your area or to send out listings to friends and family.

If you would like to make a sponsorship of your favorite foster, by mail, please send a check
for $25 to:

AuCaDo Australian Cattle Dog Rescue

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or click on the paypal button beside the special foster that you would like to sponsor.