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Thank you for Applying to our rescue! After submitting your adoption application, please give us a call. We only process applications after being contacted by the applicant. Don’t forget to call!

Tips for getting you application processed faster:

  • Contact your Veterinarian; Let them know we are going to contact them, and don’t forget to give them permission to answer our questions.
  • Email is the fastest way for us to contact your personal references. Contact them for their PRIMARY email address. Don’t forget to let them know we may be contacting them. (Pro-Tip: They may contact us, by phone, at their convenience, for even faster processing.)
  • Send us pictures of your home and yard after submitting the application. We usually do a home visit, but in the case we accept photos in place of a home visit this step will already be complete. ( you may email photos to
  • When you call us we will do a phone interview. Please, allow sometime for this interview to take place when you contact us.

A Few Notes: ​ (This applies to most cases)​

  • A “Meet and Greet” will only be scheduled after your application has been approved.
  • Australian Cattle Dog or Herding breed experience is required to apply to adopt our puppies.
  • Our adoption fee covers the Spay / Neuter, Vaccinations (age appropriate), Microchipping, Heart Worm testing (6 months and up), HW preventative (year round), Deworming, and high quality dog food.
  • ​ ​There is no guarantee on their health, AuCaDo Rescue will disclose what we know about it. ​The adoption contract reads that you are adopting “as is”. Don’t ask for them to go early.
  • Our adoption fee, beginning January 1, 2011 is $250 (seniors $125 / puppies $300)
  • Some of our rescues may have incurred extra medical care expenses, for instance, heart worm treatments; our adoption fee remains the same regardless of our incurred expenses!
  • AuCaDo Rescue will not hold an ACD on a verbal request.
  • To be fair and to show good faith, a deposit will hold an approved match, for a reasonable amount of time.
  • Please remember, if a dog has a deposit on it and shows a status of “pending” that we honor that application first.
  • The pending status shows for two weeks (or maybe more) after adoption to allow the rescued ACD to settle in to their new home.

We look forward to speaking with you about adopting one of the rescues! Thank you for considering our rescues!

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