Rescue Notes

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Thank you very much for your interest in our rescue dogs.
We think they are very special and that you will, too.

Please be aware that no adopted dog shall be maintained outside as a yard dog, nor chained, nor left in a yard with no fencing (that includes invisible fencing) unsupervised. The primary and ONLY function of the adopted dog is to be that of a companion. If you are still interested in a rescue dog, please read on, and if you have not done so already, please e-mail with a description of your family, how you heard about rescue, and why you are interested in an ACD. Our adoption application can be found on the website, this will help us to help you.

Because many people are not familiar with “rescue”, we would like to explain briefly what we do. Basically, we re-habilitate, re-train and re-home ACD’s whose previous homes have disappeared. This happens for a wide variety of reasons: the dog is picked up as a stray, taken to a shelter and not redeemed, a family is unwilling to take the dog when they move, people have a baby and decide that they no longer want a dog. But, the most frequent problem is someone chooses a breed of dog which is not suitable either to his/her own temperament or lifestyle. If you are a dog person, you can’t believe the reasons that people give up a dog – but it happens all the time. Almost always, it is absolutely no reflection on the dogs and how super they are. They just get lost in the shuffle.

Our main focus, is to rescue dogs from shelters. Shelters will contact us, if the dog is truly in need. Please, do not rescue a dog for us, assuming we will have the space for them. We can only do owner surrenders on a case-by-case basis, due to the shortage of space and foster homes. Owner surrenders must be UTD on shots, and spayed/neutered. No biters, of any kind, will be accepted, as there are too many ‘nice’ dogs waiting to come into rescue. If you are the owner of a biter, please contact your veterinarian about the humane way to handle the problem.

Most of our dogs are beyond the puppy stage. We are amazed by the number of people who think they want a puppy. Having lived with these older dogs, we appreciate the many benefits of a mature dog. Most are already house-trained, leash trained, and have manners. Puppies were made cute for a reason – to make you forget the shoes they ate, the plants they demolished, the messes they made, and all the times they drove you crazy…

Before placement, all our dogs have been spayed/neutered, received appropriate vaccinations (DHLPP-C, Bordetella, etc) and a rabies vaccination if over 4 months of age. Heart Worm checks are done on dogs over 1 year of age. AuCaDo Rescue adoption fee is $250. We have averaged the costs incurred for vetting, and we keep a ‘vetting fund’ for dogs who may need substantial and costly vetting. We are a recognized 501(c)(3) and donations are tax deductible.

Perhaps most importantly: All foster dogs have lived with one of us (or foster care) for at least two weeks. This lets us learn the temperament, likes and dislikes, and training level of the dog. This is critical in placing the dogs in a home. Placement mistakes where a dog needs to be returned are rare because of this procedure. It isn’t fair to the dog or the new owner when a dog goes out and then is returned because it is not compatible with the lifestyle. Being returned to rescue, just breaks their heart once again.

AuCaDo Rescue is dedicated to helping “our breed” so please be honest in your answers to our questions and keep an open mind. We realize that ACDs are not the breed for everyone. Now that you have an idea of who we are and what we are, and if you have never owned an ACD before, please pay special attention to the following.

ACDs are a herding breed. They were bred to drive cattle all day in harsh conditions. This means they are very active most of the day. It is the rare ACD that doesn’t need something to do all day. If they have no outlet for that energy, i.e., another active dog or human companionship, they can become barkers, destructive, or runners. ACDs can go over a 6 foot fence with ease if they are so inclined. They are great with your kids and will usually protect them from intruders (i.e., the neighborhood kid that pushes or bullies one of yours). They will also herd kids into a corner and keep them there if they feel the need to quiet them down and keep them together. Some can be aggressive with other dogs and will rarely back down from a fight. This is true of both sexes. As a pet they absolutely must have basic obedience, and know you are the top dog. They do not take to rough handling but will usually bend over backward for their “human” when worked with positive reinforcement.

ACDs are smart, quick learners, that excel in obedience, agility and herding trials. Their “wash and wear” coats need little maintenance. A brushing twice a week and tick or flea checks daily are about it. Baths should be given only when necessary to retain the oil in the coat. They are the right size for traveling, and will protect your vehicle and belongings without hesitation. They bond well with the family but usually will pick out their special “human”. They expect honesty and fairness from you and will demand it. In the right home they are a wonderful, lifelong companion.

We present both sides of ACDs because it is a long term commitment when adopting a dog. These dogs can live to be fourteen (14) years old without problems. Since we live with these dogs please understand that they become a part of our families and we worry about them when we send them off to a new life. We realize that we cannot keep all of the wonderful ACDs that need homes. We need you and the dogs need you – so please be understanding of our concern for them. We put lots of time, energy, money, patience, and love into each of them and are rewarded over and over by seeing them settle happily into loving, new, lifelong homes.

We hope that after reading this, we hope that you decide on adopting an ACD rescue dog. They are wonderful dogs that have run into circumstances beyond their control and find themselves in need of a new home and people willing to make that lifelong commitment. We hope you will be one of those special people and discover the world of rescue dogs.

The Dog Food Test

How to grade your Dog’s food:

[Some brands are done at the very bottom] Start with a grade of 100:

1) For every listing of “by-product”, subtract 10 points
2) For every non-specific animal source (“meat” or “poultry”, meat, meal or fat) reference, subtract 10 points
3) If the food contains BHA, BHT, or ethoxyquin, subtract 10 points
4) For every grain “mill run” or non-specific grain source, subtract 5 points
5) If the same grain ingredient is used 2 or more times in the first five ingredients (i.e. “ground brown rice”, “brewer’s rice”, “rice flour” are all the same grain), subtract 5 points
6) If the protein sources are not meat meal and there are less than 2 meats in the top 3 ingredients, subtract 3 points
7) If it contains any artificial colorants, subtract 3 points
8 ) If it contains ground corn or whole grain corn, subtract 3 points
9) If corn is listed in the top 5 ingredients, subtract 2 more points
10) If the food contains any animal fat other than fish oil, subtract 2 points
11) If lamb is the only animal protein source (unless your dog is allergic to other protein sources), subtract 2 points
12) If it contains soy or soybeans, subtract 2 points
13) If it contains wheat (unless you know that your dog isn’t allergic to wheat), subtract 2 points
14) If it contains beef (unless you know that your dog isn’t allergic to beef), subtract 1 point
15) If it contains salt, subtract 1 point

Extra Credit:

1) If any of the meat sources are organic, add 5 points
2) If the food is endorsed by any major breed group or nutritionist, add 5 points
3) If the food is baked not extruded, add 5 points
4) If the food contains probiotics, add 3 points
5) If the food contains fruit, add 3 points
6) If the food contains vegetables (NOT corn or other grains), add 3 points
7) If the animal sources are hormone-free and antibiotic-free, add 2 points
8 ) If the food contains barley, add 2 points
9) If the food contains flax seed oil (not just the seeds), add 2 points
10) If the food contains oats or oatmeal, add 1 point
11) If the food contains sunflower oil, add 1 point
12) For every different specific animal protein source (other than the first one; count “chicken” and “chicken meal” as only one protein source but “chicken” and “” as 2 different sources), add 1 point
13) If it contains glucosamine and chondroitin, add 1 point
14) If the vegetables have been tested for pesticides and are pesticide-free add 1 point

94-100+ = A
86-93 = B
78-85 = C
70-77 = D
69 = F

Here are some foods that have already been scored.

*Tested / Fed / Recommended by AuCaDo Rescue*

Authority Harvest Baked / Score 116 A+
Bil-Jac Select / Score 68 F
Canidae / Score 112 A+
Chicken Soup Senior / Score 115 A+
Diamond Regular Maintenance / Score 64 F
*Diamond Naturals Chicken / Score 99 A
*Diamond Naturals Senior / Score 100 A
*Diamond Naturals Lamb / Score 92 A
Diamond Naturals Beef / Score 95 A
*Diamond Naturals Large Breed 60+ Formula / Score 99 A
*Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Ultra Premium / Score 122 A+
*Dick Van Patten’s Duck and Potato / Score 106 A+
Foundations / Score 106 A+
Hund-n-Flocken Adult Dog (lamb) by Solid Gold / Score 93 B
Iams Lamb Meal & Rice Formula Premium / Score 73 D
Innova Dog / Score 114 A+
Innova Evo / Score 114 A+
Kirkland Signature Chicken, Rice, and Vegetables / Score 110 A+
Nutrisource Lamb and Rice / Score 87 B
Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed Puppy / Score 87 B
Pet Gold Adult with Lamb & Rice / Score 23 F
*Premium Edge Puppy Chicken / Score 108 A+
*Premium Edge Adult Chicken / Score 106 A+
*Premium Edge Adult Lamb / Score 106 A+
*Premium Edge Senior Skin/Coat / Score 111 A+
*ProPlan Natural Turkey & Barley / Score 103 A+
Purina Beneful / Score 17 F
Purina Dog Chow / Score 62 F
Purina Come-n-Get It / Score 16 F
Royal Canin Bulldog / Score 100 A+
Royal Canin Natural Blend Adult / Score 106 A+
Sensible Choice Chicken and Rice / Score 97 A
Science Diet Advanced Protein Senior 7+ / Score 63 F
Science Diet for Large Breed Puppies / Score 69 F
*Wellness Super5 Mix Chicken / Score 110 A+
Wolfking Adult Dog (bison) by Solid Gold / Score 97 A