Thank You! “Melvin” is Adopted 3-7-20

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11-2-19 Melvin comes into rescue from a Southern Michigan shelter where he has been since March.

He was surrendered to the first shelter after “trapping” him. The shelter could not put a collar/leash on him so it sounded like he was pretty idle all those months. A good Samaritan transported him here. He is very overweight, and kind of non-responsive to where I questioned his hearing.

In a few weeks time he has come out of his shell, and now sports a collar and is learning to lead. He has learned sit, before eating. He is on weight management food and canned pumpkin and likes it. We are guessing his age about 5-ish.

He gets happy sometimes and play bows to me. He gives great eye contact.


Please, fill out an adoption application before contacting the rescue.