AuCaDo Rescue Welcomes “Zeeb” to Remus, MI 4-24-19

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4-24-19 Zeeb, who appears to be around 2+, comes into rescue, as a shelter transfer, from where he had been since the first of March.

Zeeb appears to be a bit of a mix, yet acts like an ACD, so we don’t know his mix. He is very active and needs mental as well as physical stimulation.
The shelter didn’t understand that activity levels are not all that uncommon, and needs to have an outlet. The previous shelter decided that he was not able to be with families where there were children under 18.

He likes certain toys and likes to interact, which he gets to do if he earns it.
He can be grabby of things, so we are working on that.
He can be food aggressive, which he came here with. (However, we feed all in crates and privately.
He has already shown that he wants to please. He follows me everywhere I go, (here).
He is going to be a loyal companion for someone, who understands how he thinks and can set him up for success.


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