AuCaDo Rescue Welcomes “Mickey” to Remus, MI 4-26-18

AuCaDo Rescue Welcomes “Mickey” to Remus, MI 4-26-18




Meet Mickey in Remus, MI


4-26-18 Shelter Transfer

Mickey comes into rescue as another rescue foster dog who was not getting along with the foster care. It was posted that he bites and growls on FB. I think that he has a lot of potential and in the right home will thrive. (He is showing herding potential) He has behaved with an overnight with a transporter, and he has behaved here at AuCaDo. He does play roughly, yet when he knows what is expected, he is very willing to please. He was not neutered, so that could have been helpful to have had that done right away. Our vet ages him between 1 and 2.

Please fill out an adoption application in order for us to know if he could be a possible match. See Below.


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