“Senior Spatter” Adopted 3-2-18

“Senior Spatter” Adopted 3-2-18




Meet Spatter in Remus, MI


Thank You, Robin – Waldo – Rose,

Nominated Valentine Photo Shoot

Thank You, Sue – Lucky – Eddie,

Nominated Valentine Photo Shoot

Thank You, Gloria in CA,

For Being Spatter’s Biggest Fan!

Thank You, Sue,

For 1 Month Sponsor

Thank You, Gaynor-Buster,

For 3 Months Sponsor

Thank You, Yvonne,

For Kuranda Bed

Thank You, Kristopher,

For Sponsoring Spatter

In Honor Of Gobi & Riley

Thank You, Stephen-Kristine,

For Sponsoring Spatter

In Honor of Helene-Brix

Thank You, Shellie-Brumbie, For

Sponsoring Spatter’s Lupine Collar


2-11-17 Spatter is returned (we had to bring her back) for killing chickens, and other small animals. I can give more info to approved applicants.

10-22-16 Empty the Shelters adoption, along with Josiah, to a farm environment.

9-28-11 Heart Worm Testing done and now we are proud to say that Spatter is HW Negative. Woo Hoo! 8-19-11 Look at Spatter’s new picture. She seems much happier these days. I tell her about the people who are checking in on her, and wishing her well.

6-15-11 Surprise, Surprise. Miss Spatter is HW positive and is started on her treatment. But, on the positive side, the vet believes that she is already spayed.

5-23-11 Spatter is an adult female heeler who was surrendered today, due to not behaving at her new home after getting her off of Craigs List. Spatter expects to be in trouble, as you can see by her picture, she does not want to even look my way. Spatter was brought here, unannounced, on a baling twine, no collar, no leash, no love.

At the time of drop-off, we were told that she is about 4 years old, has been spayed, and up to date on shots. Yet, there is no “proof” of any of these claims. Spatter had no training, no boundaries, and no routine. She “herded” the children, tried to herd the goats, tried to get into the chicken coop and chased (caught) a kitten in the yard. Spatter seems to be voice correctable, which tells us that she can be worked with to make her a good dog.

Our adoption fee covers the spay / neutering, heart worm testing, rabies, distemper combo, microchipping and any other medical that a dog may need (like Heart Worm treatment). Please consider a rescue that comes to you with all of the routine medical done.

Please fill out the adoption application, and follow up with a phone call, if interested.