Thank You! “Domingo” Adopted 3-24-16

Thank You! “Domingo” Adopted 3-24-16

Domingo 4-5-14

Adopted 5-3-14

Returns 10-16-15

Adopted 3-24-16


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Thank You, Jeannie in CO,

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Thank You, Julie & Jason, Canada

For Sponsoring Domingo,

In Honor of Nordic

10-16-15 Domingo comes back into rescue due to adopter stating that he is “sweet with people but aggressive to all animals / has had several fights with neighborhood dogs”. While we were doing paperwork, in the driveway, several cats approached Domingo and while he looked at them, he remained sitting and did not show “aggression” as they put it.

They also stated that their vet told them that his “breed” was not good for their neighborhood. So, with that being said, of course, they are going to make excuses for giving him up. While I am being honest, as to what I have been told, I do think it is unfair that now he will always have the stigma of being a “bad” dog. HE IS NOT A BAD DOG!

They supposedly went to a dog “trainer” and put him through “boot camp” for police dogs. Okay, when you are afraid of a dog having aggression with other dogs, would you send him away and tell them to fix him, but not learn yourself how to handle the dog.

Earlier this year, a vet office called me to say that they had surrendered him to be put down due to his ingesting a foreign object. Supposedly, he ate part of a rug. The owner did not contact me themselves.

5-3-14 Domingo has a pending adoption.

4-5-14 Domingo comes into rescue as an owner surrender because of being “too much dog” for his disabled owner. The owner had kept him crated too much, in their opinion.

Domingo is 3 years old, and weighs 55 pounds. He could stand to lose a few pounds, yet is not that bad. He is a purebred ACD, with a nice personality. He seems quiet, and he was drooling with nervousness. Yet, he did eat his supper, so he must not be that stressed. Domingo is neutered, and I noticed that he squats to potty.