Thank You! “Nickolai” (Deaf) is Adopted! 4-20-18

Thank You! “Nickolai” (Deaf) is Adopted! 4-20-18


Nickolai 7-20-15

Welcome to the Remus Ranch

Meet Nickolai in Remus, MI


Thank You, Randall House, For

Sponsoring Nickolai’s Collar


Thank You, Susan, For

Evaluating, Pulling, Transporting

Thank You, Synthia, For

Transporting Nickolai

Thank You, Jeannie in CO

For Sponsoring Nickolai

7-20-15 Nickolai comes into rescue from a Detroit Shelter, where he was “urgent” because he was not able to be moved to the “adoption building”. (Yet, within a couple of hours of Susan meeting him, on Sunday, he was whisked away to the adoptable building.) While I have not received his owner surrender paperwork, the rumor going around was that he was on Craig’s List a couple of times, and each time surrendered. He was labeled as having separation anxiety, which if you stop and think about it is understandable. All of the bouncing / moving / dumping / whisking him away to another building when I told them that Sue would be getting him in the next 24 hours, did not do him any favors.

7-30-15 Nickolai had complete vetting done, since nothing was done for him. (Why would people pass around on Craig’s List an intact deaf ACD?) He was a cryptorchid, which caused him to have a 2 hour surgery to “find” the other one. He is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm tested, etc. He is under weight, yet finally eating better quality foods. He is on mega-dose of antibiotics due to the invasive surgery, and he seems much more happy now! After he is released from his surgery restrictions, I will start introducing him to other dogs.