Thank You! “MYA” is Adopted 12-28-19

Thank You! “MYA” is Adopted 12-28-19

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Mya is Deaf 7-9-15

Returned to Rescue 4-1-17

Thank You, Jennifer, For Sponsoring Lupine Collar

Surgery 7-30-15 Sponsors

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4-1-17 Mya Returns to Rescue

11-12-16 Adoption Pending

8-25-16 Mya Returns to Rescue

6-12-16 Mya has a pending adoption.

7-9-15 Mya, who is Deaf, comes into rescue as an owner surrender. The reason given was the parents (of a young person) said the dog must go. (Mya was running the household) Mya is Deaf, and also has physical rehabilitation needs, as well.

Mya turned one in May, and is a petite girl. She was “given away” by the breeder at 3 months old to a young woman, because of an injury to her rear leg. There was a drainage tube on the inside of her leg. The new owner said that she healed from that, then a few months later she started limping on the same rear leg. (The x-rays show a different story.) She had FHO surgery in February, yet did not do strengthening / rehabilitation exercises after. In June / July she was not using the rear leg very much, and had no muscle tone. She also had been exhibiting resource guarding and quite possibly some pain. (Deaf dogs feel pain differently than hearing dogs, in my experience.) She had been mouthy/nipping with family members, and they did not want her to stay. Just as well, since she does need some repeat surgery and physical therapy and strengthening. Her leg can be manipulated normally, so we are thinking that so much time has gone by, that strength building is going to help. She is a VERY smart girl!

July 9, 2015 brought Au Ca Do Rescue MI an owner surrendered, one year old (in May) speckled blue heeler female with a few challenges. The challenges started right from the beginning, where the owner only (after the fact) disclosed that Mya is deaf. Then it is said that Mya would act “weird” and seemed to be a resource guarder. Then after commitment it was disclosed that she is pretty much 3 legged, since she was about 3 months old, and they got her for FREE from a breeder. When she was about 8 months old she had FHO surgery, but did not have much of a follow up with exercising or rehab. The x-rays and paperwork were being withheld which kept her from receiving immediate care.

So, 11 days later (waiting for the x-rays), Mya and I visited a rehabilitation for advice and post surgery x-rays. Today, it was shown that her surgery, needs to be done again, because there are bones rubbing on bones, and she is in great pain. She is on 3 pain medications, and it verifies what was seen here. (The owner said she was not in pain.) A surgery quote of $1700 plus the $300 spent on the consult today, brings it up to $2000. I hope to schedule her surgery the week of July 27th. If you are coming to the reunion this weekend, take a look at our little one named Mya. She is all of 28 pounds!

Thank You for reading this long post and hope is that we can improve her quality of life.


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