Thank You! Taylor is Adopted 2-23-15

Thank You! Taylor is Adopted 2-23-15


Taylor 7-16-14

Meet & Greet 2-13-15

Adoption Pending 2-23-15

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7-16-14 Taylor comes into rescue due to medical needs that are becoming too much financially for the family. The vet visits have not even given a diagnosis or treatment plan, they are saying that expensive “allergy” testing is the next step.

Chef is a 2-3 year old intact male, who had been healthy at some point, according to the owner. Our hope is to find the cause of his skin condition, get him neutered, heartworm tested, vaccinated, premium food and healthy. If we can find a reasonable treatment plan, the family would like to get him back. The family is very sad that they have not been able to help him, and have reached out for help. Tomorrow, Thursday, the vet will take a look and see if this is possibly what Ivan had.

Taylor has been neutered, and has had many capstars, flea treatments, and Seresto Collar. The family has been informed that I cannot let him go back to them, per my veterinarian’s advice. We have him on a grain free and limited ingredient food which is helping. He is on weekly Ivermectin and is slowly getting some of his hearing back, after his ears were closed up.

8-3-14 Today was “makeover” day for Mr Taylor. It has taken over 2 weeks for Taylor to even wag his tail. He is actually a very sweet boy, who had been sad and hurting. Thursday, he had his vet check up, and now that he is healed up can be bathed. You would believe the color of his bath water, between flea dirt and other dirt(s). As you can see in his picture, the ears still have “gunk” in them, and we are slowly getting them better.