OH Garnet – 7-8-14 to 7-26-14

OH Garnet – 7-8-14 to 7-26-14

Garnet 7-8-14

RIP 7-26-14


Thank You, John in NE, For

Sponsoring Garnet’s Collar


Thank You, Erica, For

Transport & Sponsorship

Thank You, Randall Family,

For Sponsoring Garnet

7-8-14 Garnet comes into rescue from a southern OH shelter where she was left with a group of other dogs in the fenced area overnight. (While she looks young in her picture, she is a small sized adult.) The next day she was hospitalized with an infection, and has been there receiving fluids and antibiotics. She will be kept quiet while she gets her health back, so we ask that you say some prayers while she recuperates. When she is ready for inquiries, we will let you know. Thanks for your understanding and patience.