Minion – RIP 10-10-14

Minion – RIP 10-10-14



Minion 1-21-14

2-18-14 to 7-18-14

RIP Minion 10-10-14

Thank You, Sharon, For

Sponsoring Minion’s Collar

Thank You, Kim-Loki,

For Sponsoring Minion

In memory of Loki’s big brother Angus, an ACD & a Gentleman

9-4-14 Minion has a pending adoption.

7-26-14 Minion had a meet and greet on Reunion Day!

7-18-14 Minion ended up a shelter again, after being surrendered by a person who was given the dog by our adopter (breaching our contract). The shelter was told that the dog had a microchip, and I also told the shelter that this dog had a chip, after seeing him posted on FB. I told the shelter that he could not be available to the public due to his chip registration. The shelter argued and threatened while I was standing there face to face that I was not getting MY dog back. The shelter was saying the public would like to adopt this dog. So, after tense moments, and being treated like crap, I was able to “adopt” my own rescued dog, Minion.

1-21-14 Minion comes into rescue from a Michigan shelter where his foster family turned him into the shelter after he was found as a stray.

His paperwork says he is 8-10 months old, yet his teeth are definitely over one year old. He is on the small side, but he is just a smaller adult at around 30-35 pounds. He has a vetting appointment on Thursday, if his kennel cough allows him to have it done. He was given the Bordetella vaccine, so will most likely have a worse case of KC than most. He was not given meds at the shelter, and we have started him on them.