Cadence – RIP Sweet Baby Girl 7-12-13

Cadence – RIP Sweet Baby Girl 7-12-13


7-12-13 RIP Sweet Baby Girl


7-11-13 Cadence has been hospitalized, and has tested positive for Parvo.


7-10-13 Cadence (and her brother Caden) were surrendered to an Eastern Ohio shelter as the last of an unsold litter.



Please, Please, Please!

-Vaccinate puppies at least 10 days before they leave home

-Be responsible when bringing puppies into the world

-Take positive steps to make sure the dogs you create will never land in a shelter or in rescue

-Make sure that you have homes for the puppies before the sire and dam ever meet

-One female dog, along with her offspring, can produce thousands of puppies

-Promise to take in, or help place, dogs or puppies you have caused to be created, no matter how old they are