“Tomboy” Adoption Pending 11-10-14

“Tomboy” Adoption Pending 11-10-14

Tomboy (1-4-14) (4-13-14)

Adoption Pending!


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We may have an international adoption pending. The adopter is flying in to meet her and flying back with her, this is the game plan.

4-15-14 Tomboy weighs 64# which is too much for this girl. (She should weigh under 50#) She was being fed Blue Buffalo Healthy Weight, 1 cup, so there may not have been enough daily exercise. She likes her daily walk with Gator and my husband. She gets along with Gator and the 12 week old pup, so that has been nice. She does get worried though and hides between my legs, and will not use the doggie door on her own. She noticeably shivers in fear, at times. We are slowly getting there, with her trust.

4-13-14 Tomboy was returned today, while I was showing dogs, so didn’t get much of a chance to speak with the adopter. The owner surrender sheet says: General Temperament is generally good – has triggers. Reason For Release is too many triggers at my (adopters) house.

1-27-14 One year anniversary finds Tomboy coming back into rescue. (per email) Sounds like she is running the home (again) and is not getting along with the older teenage son who lives there.

1-27-13 Tomboy has a pending adoption.

1-4-13 Tomika comes into rescue as an owner surrender due to her “nipping / herding / dominating” the man of the house. We were told that she was good with her owner, other women, and great with children / grandchildren. Her owner thought she might have to put her “good dog” down, but wanted to give her a chance at a new home. For some reason, the man of the house, would not correct the dog, so it continued on until today’s surrender. The owner did ask for advice earlier, which consisted of taking back control / leadership of the home. It was sad to see the owner struggling with what to do, when she had no backup at home.

1-4-13 We had her come for a meeting with my husband and I, to see how she reacted towards my husband. There were no problems, and they even went for about a half mile walk. Tomboy needs to lose some weight, and will socialize with the other ACD’s. She is starting out with the youngsters, which she is doing well with. I think it will benefit both the youngsters and Tomboy. She is in the garage / house kennel with an indoor / outdoor access so she will have the interaction of our normal routine. Our initial evaluation is that with the right home life, she will do well, when the time is right. Tomboy is a purebred girl, and is 3 years old, with a birthday the end of July.