Thank You! “Senior Angelina” is Pending Adoption 5-29-20

If you are unable to adopt at this time,

then please consider donating to support

the daily needs of our deserving rescues.


6-22-12 Angelina was in an IN Shelter
She was transferred to AABC in December 2012, and then prompty asked to come here, after they found out she was an escape artist.
She was adopted a second time in June 2013, and in November 2019 her owner passed away.

Family tried to keep her, however she got into the habit of going over to the neighbors (across the field) to play with the kids and their dog.
She is REALLY people oriented. She is a little girl, and has her own custom made crate that she cannot destroy. (Maybe she has outgrown that, we hope)


Please, fill out an adoption application before contacting the rescue.