Rescue Rainbow Bridge

OH Garnet – 7-8-14 to 7-26-14

Garnet 7-8-14 RIP 7-26-14       Thank You, John in NE, For Sponsoring Garnet's Collar   Thank You, Erica, For Transport & Sponsorship Thank You, Randall Family, For Sponsoring Garnet 7-8-14 Garnet comes into rescue from a southern OH shelter where she was left with a group of other dogs in the fenced area [...]

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Minion – RIP 10-10-14

        Minion 1-21-14 2-18-14 to 7-18-14 RIP Minion 10-10-14 Thank You, Sharon, For Sponsoring Minion's Collar Thank You, Kim-Loki, For Sponsoring Minion In memory of Loki's big brother Angus, an ACD & a Gentleman 9-4-14 Minion has a pending adoption. 7-26-14 Minion had a meet and greet on Reunion Day! 7-18-14 Minion [...]

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Cadence – RIP Sweet Baby Girl 7-12-13

    7-12-13 RIP Sweet Baby Girl   7-11-13 Cadence has been hospitalized, and has tested positive for Parvo.   7-10-13 Cadence (and her brother Caden) were surrendered to an Eastern Ohio shelter as the last of an unsold litter.     Please, Please, Please! -Vaccinate puppies at least 10 days before they leave home [...]

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