Available Seniors 7 years +

AuCaDo Rescue Welcomes “Sr Carmine” to Remus, MI 5-16-18

  Sr Carmine 5-16-18 Meet Sr Carmine in Remus, MI   5-16-18 Shelter Transfer Ms Carmine comes into rescue, after her 4th transfer this year. Wow! Her paperwork says she is around 7 years old, however she seems a bit older, like maybe 10 years is our best guess. She has lots of energy, and [...]

AuCaDo Rescue Welcomes “Sr Gabriel” Back to Rescue after 10 years 10-11-17

  Gabriel 10-11-17 Welcome Meet Gabriel in Remus     10-11-17 Gabriel returns to rescue, after he was given away and that person brought him back, in keeping with our adoption agreement. The reason given was that the owner/farmer moved out of state (to another farm). His life on the farm has not been [...]

“Senior Spatter”

  Spatter 5-23-11 Meet Spatter in Remus, MI   Thank You, Robin - Waldo - Rose, Nominated Valentine Photo Shoot Thank You, Sue - Lucky - Eddie, Nominated Valentine Photo Shoot Thank You, Gloria in CA, For Being Spatter's Biggest Fan! Thank You, Sue, For 1 Month Sponsor Thank You, Gaynor-Buster, For 3 Months [...]