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Thank You! Adopted Feline “Gray Ray” 10-2-18

5-29-18 Gray Ray and his sister Clover Ray come into rescue from a disabled owner after we spayed the Momma Cat. There were 4 kittens, 2 have been adopted, and 2 are still looking for their forever home. Gray Ray is especially friendly and is a great companion, as well as social with other felines. [...]

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Felines at AuCaDo “Ebony” 9-28-15 (Returned 2018)

Ebony, a Black Beauty, comes back into rescue after being adopted as a kitten in 2015. The adopter said that financial concerns with a family member having a serious medical condition was the reason. She is a shy girl, yet does like the attention one on one. She kind of stays away from the other [...]

Thank You! Adopted Feline “Marbles” 10-8-18

6-7-18 Marbles comes into rescue from a county shelter with 3 other kittens. Marbles is uniquely "marbled" in orange swirls, and has a nice friendly personality. There are many kittens needing homes. Please consider a kitten/cat who has been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, tested for FelV/FIV, socialized and fed premium foods. Our adoption fee for males is [...]

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Felines at AuCaDo Special Needs “Max” 6-15-18 (Kitten)

Max comes into rescue as a stray baby. Max is vetted now, however he continues to remain small in size. He does eat (a lot) so we are not sure why he remains small. He also seems to have plugged tear ducts, so his eyes seem to look different. He is a sweet boy and [...]

AuCaDo Rescue Welcomes “Hondo” to Remus, MI 9-10-18

  Hondo 9-10-18 Meet Hondo in Remus, MI   9-10-18 Owner Surrender Hondo comes into rescue from an out of state military home where he was showing anxiety, and the owner was picking up on the anxiety as well. (The parents brought him to us) Hondo is 6 years old, and a Frisbee nut. This [...]

Thank You! “Poco Chica” is Adoption Pending 10-29-18

  Poco Chica 9-5-18 Meet Poco Chica in Remus, MI   9-5-18 Shelter Transfer Poco Chica comes into rescue as a shelter transfer, due to her being bounced from another rescue to the county shelter to here. All that seemed to do is literally made her into a mexican jumping bean. She bounces in her [...]

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Thank You! “Curry Blue” is Adoption Pending 10-6-18

  Curry Blue 8-31-18 Meet Curry Blue in Remus, MI   8-31-18 Shelter Transfer Curry Blue comes into rescue as an owner surrender, due to financial and personal reasons. Curry has not been to a vet and is around 6 months old. Our ACD pups do require previous ACD experience. She is a good pup, [...]

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Thank You! “Nugget” is Adoption Pending 10-12-18

  Nugget 8-23-18 Meet Nugget in Remus, MI   Deposit 10-1-18 8-23-18 Shelter Transfer Nugget comes into rescue as a shelter transfer where he did not pass his "restraint" testing for a Safer Test. However, after saying this, there is no paperwork showing this. He can be fearful at times, yet it is short lived, [...]

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Thank You! Adoption Pending “Denver” to Remus, MI 10-5-18

  Denver 8-15-18 Meet Denver in Remus, MI   8-15-18 Shelter Transfer Denver comes into rescue as a shelter transfer from a Detroit area shelter where he was not doing well. Within a few days of being around other ACD's here, he came out of his shell, and what a sweet boy he is. He [...]

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AuCaDo Rescue Welcomes “Gypsy Blue” to Remus, MI 7-9-18

  Gypsy Blue 7-9-18 Meet Gypsy Blue in Remus, MI   7-9-18 Shelter Transfer Gypsy Blue comes into rescue, from a Southern MI shelter where she had been for a couple of months. During that time, she lost her home-her master-her kennel mate. She went through some tail chewing but we have it under control [...]